About us

mkauto.lt is a well-known brand, the beginning of which is the company UAB "Radviliškio autoverslas", which has been operating for nineteen years. We are a reliable partner for purchasing a used car or truck. Extensive experience in the field of used car sales allows us to offer customers the best options to buy a car available in our offer, or to find the most suitable one according to the customer's wishes.

Honesty and sincere help

The car market in Lithuania is quite competitive, therefore in order to earn the respect of regular customers and the interest of new customers, mkauto.lt bases its activities on honesty. Only honest work and sincere help to each client can bring mutually beneficial cooperation. The company's salesmen, who have many years of experience and are fluent in foreign languages, promptly provide all the necessary information to potential customers from all countries.

Buying a car with mkauto.lt is extremely simple, because our employees are always ready to help. At the customer's request, we will always help to get the best leasing offer, register the car, prepare for technical inspection. If necessary, it is also possible to complete the car's additional equipment, inspect the car at the customer's chosen service center. We are ready to provide information about the accuracy of the car's mileage, to provide a guarantee.

Where to see cars?

mkauto.lt - sales site is located in Radviliškis, address Maironio Str. 165 (in the area of the Old Car Market).

On the website mkauto.lt you will find all the cars we sell.

mkauto.lt constantly has 500 and more cars for sale in its fleet.

The vehicles sold by mkauto.lt are the following:

  • Cars
  • Commercial type cars
  • Freight minibuses up to 3.5 t gross weight.
  • Passenger minibuses up to 3.5 t gross weight.
  • Sided vehicles or sided tautliners of a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.
  • Cars with double cab and sides up to 3.5 t gross weight.
  • Combined cargo vans with up to 6 seats - "Combi", up to 3.5 t gross weight.
  • Tippers up to 3.5 t gross weight.
  • Sided with manipulator.
  • Rigid sided vans up to 3.5 t gross weight.
You can see all of them by visiting our sales sites or on the website mkauto.lt.
On our website www.mkauto.lt, in the section "We will have soon" you can see the cars that are not yet on the parking lot and so you can plan your purchases. If it is difficult to choose, contact us - we will help.